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    License issue on running Rule Specification with reference table

    dhwani shah Seasoned Veteran



      I have been trying to test a rule specification which uses a reference table. It is compiled successfully, but on adding test data to test the rule specification, it throws an error.


      On checking the logs, I was able to extract the following error :

      "The mapping getPreviewMapping_mapping in the Mapping Service Module

      [Mapping Service) failed to run because of the following license errors: [DSCMN_10097] The license

      is not valid for the following reasons: [License not available for Data Quality [ParserTx] for

      transformation [ParserTx].]."


      I do have the 'Data Engineering Quality Rule Builder' and the 'Data Engineering Quality Rule transformations' options when I check the license. Is there any other license I need to request?