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    S3 and Unload Properties for AWS Redshift table in IDQ

    Ashutosh Jumde Seasoned Veteran

      In IDQ , after we import AWS Redshift tables there are few configurations details we need to provide on the table definition (or data object definition) to read the data. We need to mention the S3 bucket name and Unload properties with the ROLE ARN. We need to add these details for each data object definition for Redshift individually.

      This is very time consuming process if we want to import 100 or 200 tables (for example).

      Is there any faster way to assign these S3 and Unload Roles ARN properties in bulk to all the table definitions for Redshift  in IDQ?


      This affects Data read , Data Profiling , Scorecards for AWS Redshifts tables from IDQ.


      Note : IDQ Version in use is 10.5