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    How to Improve the Process Performance

    Suresh Singireddy New Member



      I am connecting to the Dynamics 365 Sales from CAI, API Calls in Process are taking longer than POSTMAN. To get the Token in POSTMAN it's taking only 100 ms where as in process using the service connector it's taking 2 Seconds.


      Any suggestions on how to improve the Process performance?

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          Rich Bateman Seasoned Veteran


          • Can you provide a screenshot or the process you are using?
            • If using a process, how are you initiating the process?
          • Are you using just the Service Connector to perform your METHOD (GET,POST)? And this is where you see the slow response?


          There are a number of reasons you may be seeing the slower response times, if you can provide the test setup you are using in CAI that would help us to understand conditions.



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            Suresh Singireddy New Member



            • Attached the Screenshot with few steps, I am testing my process using POSTMAN and Process is running on Secure Agent.
            • I am using PATCH method in Service Connector and passing the Process object as Input. All the calculations are happening in Process and when calling the Service Connector (PATCH)Action in Process the performance is slow.
            • In POSTMAN if we pass the entire body to PATCH method it's taking less than 1 sec, but in Process it's taking 3-4 Sec.


            Sample Process


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              Jharana Patra Guru

              Hi Suresh ,


              The variable initialization and the Web API call takes additional time as well .

              You can share the process log export this will help us in understanding where it is actually taking time .


              *Also please be noted that Postman doesn't involve parsing time or variable initialization time which is involved in process (CAI).