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    Media Asset Priority

    Ben Daelemans Seasoned Veteran

      Hi all,


      In Informatica PIM standard implementation only one asset per asset type is possible.


      However, since version 8.0.3 there is an additional (inactive) non-reserve key called (Article|Product2G|StructureGroup)MediaAssetMap.Priority which can be used to have multiple assets per type with a defined order of priority.


      Since we have a business case to have multiple media assets per type, we activated the "Priority" field in the repository.

      And it works perfectly! ..Almost


      After adding a new entry in the PIM desktop client with the same type, but a different priority; it dissapears from the UI..

      Yet, when we check the information of that article using the database or the REST API, we can still clearly see that media asset.



      So the media asset is actually added, however we can't see it in the desktop client after creation..

      Any ideas on what's the cause of this weird behavior in the desktop client ?


      (how it should look in the client, but the 2nd priority asset is no longer visible after creation)

      Priority field on media asset





      Ben Daelemans

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          Wladislaw Alles Active Member

          Hi Ben,


          please check your repository configuration and configure it as described in the manual.

          I would assume you have forgotten to set the "Article Media AssetMap.LK.Priority" to editable.

          media asset, additional, logical key, repository, priority


          After this it should be work as expected.

          media asset, additional, logical key, repository, priority



          Best regards,


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            Ben Daelemans Seasoned Veteran

            Hi Wladislaw,

            Thank you for providing the correct information, the setup of the priority field is now succesfully active in our system!

            1 more question:
            Is it possible to set a maximum number in that priority field depending on which 'Type' is selected ?

            let's say the Type 'ProductImage1' has a maximum of 5 in the priority field, and 'ProductImage2' has a maximum of 10.


            I don't feel like it's possible, but if I don't ask, I won't know