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    List in Flex UI for custom subentity

    Debopriya Roy Guru



      Is this possible to have list view of a custom subentity in PIM or not?

      I have created a sub-entity with one logical key (sequence) and 3 fields (event name, description, date). When I navigate to Flex UI, even though multi row information is present for the product, only the 1st record is shown up on Flex UI.

      Am I missing anything?


      <group identifier="Product Events">


                      <parameter key="colSpan" value="3"/>

                      <parameter key="rowSpan" value="7"/>


                  <list i18NKey="Product Events" identifier="StructureItems" pageSize="20">


                          <parameter key="collapsible" value="true"/>

                          <parameter key="collapsed" value="false"/>


                      <listModelDefinition rootEntity="Product2G">

                          <field identifier="Product2GPublisherEvent.Sequence" sortable="true"/>


                              identifier="Product2GPublisherEvent.EventName" sortable="true"/>


                              identifier="Product2GPublisherEvent.EventDescription" sortable="true"/>


                              identifier="Product2GPublisherEvent.EventDate" sortable="true"/>





      Thanks in advance,