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    problem with a filter

    Ste Frdric New Member

      Hello, i have filter as below:


      (sysdate >= membeship_begin_plan_date

      and sysdate <= membership_end_plan_date)


      when i run it in the profile it works(for the source table i need to use)  I ran it in one filter transformation for another table, similar to it and it worked,

      These columns are defined the same in the other table as well, that I need to use because it is the table that will be used for development.

      and it doesnt' work. i tested another filter to test if the filter transformation will work for something simple like name = 'Smith', so the filter works, but it will not

      work on the table i need ... the date filter will not work... can you please give me a reason.. it is not working? the dates are defined the same, for the two tables and the profile works for the filter... Your assistance is appreciated.