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    conditional use of ExportMime function

    Gerdo Veenink Active Member

      Hi all,


      I'm facing an issue with exporting of images.



      article 123456 has 2 images set as type buying picture, one with prio 1, the other has prio 2.

      Want I want to achieve is that only the image with, in this example prio 1, is exported.


      When I run the export, my export result in "123456,A"

      So B is not being printed, but the exportmime is executed. So the if condition does not apply to the exportmime function. How to tackle this.



      {&Item.Article number},{?IfNotEmptyThen {$Buying picture prio 1}, "A" }{?IfEmptyThen {$Buying picture prio 1},"B"{?ExportMime {$Buying picture prio 1},"originalimage" }}