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    WebClient export File (original path) to Photoshop

    David Kumar Seasoned Veteran

      Hey everyone,

      currently we are using the medias fat client. The medias- and pim- webclient is not used.

      If one of our graphical personal is designing e.g. website they and need some pic stored in medias. She is going to the fat client looking for that specific media and use the drag&drop to get that pic (with the original path) into photoshop or indesign. Of course they are not going to modify that document. It is just use for designing purposes.


      As the fat client is out of support for the new mac osx, we are looking for another way (vie the webclients) to get the pics with as lees user actions as possible to photoshop and indesign.


      I tried to store the complete path into attribute, as far as good. However, I cannot find a way to import a pic in photoshop/indesin with just the path in the clipboard.

      For indesign I can use the xactuell plugin but that is still quite complicated.


      How do you people handle that "problem"?