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    What is the base line RestAPI for "revert value" functionality in PIM V10.1 ?

    Anurag Chourasia Active Member

      Hello All,


      I am curious about the functionality in V10.1 where user can revert the value of a field to a older value by single click on Web UI. We have a business scenario where we need to achieve this programmatically using AVOS? I know we can configure  a trigger on Entity Change and request xml to AVOS will contain the previous value. However in our case business can and will update a certain field using Import and on a given point in time, user can update more then 1000 items also and hence Entity Change wont be a good idea here.


      Can anyone tell me what is the base line RestAPI for "Revert Value" functionality in V10.1 ?



      Anurag Chourasia