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    Too many Manual merges

    Sanchit Sharma New Member

      Hi All,

      In my current project we have loaded a huge initial load but have not started the delta load process for MDM.
      We have received too many manual merge recommendation and it will be very hard for the data stewards to go through those in the customer 360 UI.

      Please let me know if my below suggestions would work :

      From our Customer 360 UI we can do two tasks:
      Merge - After analyzing the merge set in the UI if we feel these can be manually merged then we take the merge action.
      Cancel Merge - After analyzing the set in the UI, If we feel that manual merge should not be done then we cancel the merge recommendation.

      If we can identify the merge sets which can be manually Merged, then If we change the AUTOMERGE_IND in the C_BO_PRTY_MTCH table for those merge recommendation sets to 1, then will those be auto merged? Or do I need run the consolidation job after making the changes in the Match table.