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    PowerCenter licence for student

    paw twa New Member

      I am a computer science student. I'm trying to write an engineering diploma. I would like to use Informatica PowerCenter for this purpose, I would like to inquire about licenses.

      Does the license allow me to use this tool to write a thesis?


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          Nico Heinze Guru

          As of my knowledge there is nothing like a student license for PowerCenter.

          If your college / university has a PowerCenter license, you should simply contact the respective administrators for access (as you have a valid reason).

          Other than that you MAY be able to get hold of an installation from Oracle (because Oracle is a huge partner and uses OEM licenses internally, if I understood this matter correctly), so if you should have good connections to Oracle you may be able to get a working installation (including license) with their help.


          Also there are 30-day trial licenses available for Informatica Cloud Services (ICS) / Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS). You MAY be able to get a free extension of the trial period, but that's completely up to the Informatica people you talk to. You may want to give it a try, considering that PowerCenter installations are not supported under Windows 10 (only the client tools, not the server installation) and that as a student you may not have access to any supported enterprise Linux version (see here:    PAM for Informatica Platform 10.4.1 , the second tab or so tells you which Linux versions are supported).




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            Asmita Kesarwani Guru

            As Nico mentioned there is no License for students.


            In case if you want to learn more on PowerCenter there are multiple tutorials available.

            But if you want to have a hands on experience you will need a license. So, in case if you by any chance associated with any of the organisations which has a valid Project with Informatica you may get the license using the same details.


            Hope this helps.




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              Syed Aziz Guru

              Please sign-up and reach out to training via Informatica University; which has training programs to ensure you get the most out of it on Informatica products <https://www.informatica.com/services-and-training/informatica-university/find-training.html>.


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                Karthick M Active Member

                On top of Syed's answer, please reach out to the below number or mail to know more about the training courses


                Education : 866-311-5338 || training@informatica.com