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    Informatica 9.5.1 to 10.4 migration

    Asmita Joshi Active Member



      I am back with one more question regarding 9.5.1 to 10.4 migration. So during the process of cloning existing server, I did not do domain restore. i created domain and restored the repository back-up.

      Existing environment has LDAP authentication but new environment is migrated to Azure VM and we will be going with Native authentication. (I think LDAP is not possible in Azure correct me if otherwise and there is way around).

      Here are environment details.

      Existing Server :

      OS : Solaris 5.1

      Repository DB : Oracle 11g

      Informatica 9.5.1


      Target Server

      OS: RHEL 7.9

      Repository DB : Oracle 19c

      Informatica 9.6.1.


      My question is if i do not do domain restore, what will i be missing?

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          JanLeendert Wijkhuijs Guru



          You will have a new domain so you would need to add the users to the domain again.


          If my memory serves me right you do not need to use the sitekey from the 9.5 environment to upgrade the repositories to 9.6 yet but I would definitely make sure to have a backup of it.


          Be aware the 9.6.1 environment isn't supported with Oracle 19c so please do the upgrade of repositories etc still on the old Oracle environment.


          Jan Leendert

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            Shivakumar Nete New Member

            Domain database stores all Native and LDAP users. Instead of restoring domain, if you create new domain then you will lose all the users from previous domain.


            Either you may have to recreate all the users or you can export and import all the users from previous domain.



            you can export/import users and group  through command "infacmd.sh isp ExportUsersAndGroups/ImportUsersAndGroups"