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    ICC API - Multi Job initiation

    William Mannion New Member

      We have created a Python based script that calls ICC Workflows via the API.

      It has a polling routine to get the Activity logs to confirm the end-result of the Workflow and Tasks.


      The issue we are seeing is when we have multiple workflows that are running at the same time.

      As part of the loop checking of the Activity Log I fist validate the session ID is still active.

      If not it logs back in to get a new one. (All connections are made using the same logged in user.)


      Hard part is that if there are two (2) or more instances running of the script, things are getting confused between them.

      As one re-logins, the other no longer has a valid session.

      If the second is trying to get Activity logging, it is shut out in the middle of the transaction.


      I need a way to keep the separate instances of API calls from bumping into each other.


      Code Project Available: https://github.com/bmannion3/infaCloudPython