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    Remove Disabled Services

    Guilherme Paz New Member

      Hi !


      I have 2 services that are disabled at portal but not at agent. How can i remove / disabled it?


      When i restart agent, those services keep trying to startup...

      Database Ingestion

      CMI Streaming Agent

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          Bibek Sahoo Active Member



          There are two options available:


          1. Click on the Drop Down beside to Secure agent and select "Enable or Disable Services"



          and then below screen pops up where you can deselect the service that you do not want to visible.

          By doing this Service wont show up inside secure agent.



          2. You can clisk on the secure agent and then select the specific service and manually stop it.


          By doing this the service will show up inside secure agent but with status "User Stopped" and even on secure agent restart this service wont start on its own, you need to manually start, if required.




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            Bibek Sahoo Active Member

            Missed the screenshot on my previous response for the second option :