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    Agent Service Start or Stop button Disabled

    Andrew Henderson New Member

      On the afternoon of 7/22, the runtime environment stopped working, showing that the assigned agent services were stopped.  The button in the section "Agent Service Start or Stop" is disabled.  Initially the text in the button read 'start'.  I disabled and re-enabled the services which created new versions of each in the runtime services page.  The button text switched to 'stop' (still disabled).  When hovering the pointer over the button, the message displays "Current Status: Need_Running".


      I have confirmed that the Informatica Cloud Secure Agent service is running.  It was stopped and re-started in an attempt to re-establish the connection with the service but to no avail.


      I need to get the Secure agent service running again in Informatica so that business critical data is getting updated between our systems.


      Attached is a doc with screenshots from Informatica and from the Windows environment that the Secure agent is running in.  Also attached is the 'scripts' text file from the Informatica directory that was updated today showing that the Secure Agent services all restarted successfully.