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    CIH using CAI

    veer sr New Member

      Can you please share steps with example how to call Cloud Integration Hub (CIH) Publication with Cloud Application Integration (CAI) Processes?


      When I choose Publication Method as Publish data with an API

      I do get publication url like



      Not sure how to call this in CAI? also tried with postman with credentials as shown in the doc https://network.informatica.com/onlinehelp/IICS/prod/CIH/en/index.htm#page/cloud-integration-hub-cloud-integration-hub/A…

      and the steps in following pages.


      The given url and API from doc are different and tried both, I dont see that Publisher is running.


      Please share your valuable thoughts.


      Thanks in advance



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          veer sr New Member

          any suggestions?

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            Prasenjit Saha Guru

            Hello Veer,


            Replying after a long delay. Not sure if you still have the query.


            If the concern still persists, Let us 1st try to make this solve using POSTMAN, then you should be able to work in CAI as well.


            Could you kindly share the screenshot of the POSTMAN? need to see what URL, request body and request header you have used.

            Also, what is the error message once you start publication from Postman?




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              veer sr New Member

              Hi Prasenjit,

              Thank you for responding.


              Help document says to use https://cih-pod1.dm-us.informaticacloud.com/dih-console/api/v1/subscription/start

              with passing the blow with values {

              "subscriptionName": "<subscriptionName>",

              "mode": "<enable/disable>"


              when or how to use this?


              Also from Subscription, I see 2 urls


              1) To run the subscription, use the following URL ; is this can use in CAI?


              2) The Consume Data API returns the Swagger structure for the topic from which the subscription consumes data: ; I believe this is good to for Service Connector


              Also can you please give more details about Notification URL?