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    This PowerCenter Integration Service is unavialable.

    James Oliver New Member

      Hi All,


      I am trying to start the integration service in informatica. But the integration service is failing with the error DOM_10079.


      Error : "The Service INFA_INTG could not be enabled due to the following error: [DOM_10079] Cannot start service [INFA_INTG] on any node specified for the service. Check the service log and resolve any error listed for the service. Then restart the service."


      Informatica services , repository service are up and running but Integration service is unavailable due to DOM_10079 error. Please guide.


      Version : Informatica 9.1.0

      OS :  Windows 10

      Attachment : catalina.out , domainLog.txt,exceptions.log,node.log,DOM_10079.JPG


      Few days back everything was working fine and I was able to run workflow successfully.