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    Query Options on XML Source in mapping task

    Matt Wilson New Member

      Mapping task pulls from XML flat file, transforms, and maps to object in Salesforce.

      I have added a filter on the query options under the Source in a task flow but the records are not being filtered from upsert into Salesforce.


      I'm attempting to filter out records where the Units field is blank or null.


      The filter is NOT ISNULL(Units) - see image below.


      The following XML has a blank Units field so should be filtered out, but it is not working properly.


      Example XML:


      <SourceProcess Name = "RNR.R.GRAD.SCHOOL.HIST">







                     <TermName>Fall 2021</TermName>




                     <CourseTitle>Entertainment Marketing in Today's Digital Environment</CourseTitle>




















      Image of Query Options - Filter:

      Image of Query Options on Source