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    CIH using CAI

    veer sr New Member

      Anyone please share in details of how to use CIH api or url in CAI as in the post Automatically triggering a subscription


      much appreciate in advance

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          Jharana Patra Guru

          Hi Veer ,


          you can use notification URL and provide the CAI process URL so that the process will be triggered once the data is ready.


          Also, please go to the events section of CIH, select filter icon, you'll see days-> Select All. And then in the subscription, provide the subscription name and then filter.


          In  Events page of CIH discard the events (in a waiting state) on the subscription you want to update. To do this you go on the event, right click, change state and discard. After that you will be allowed to update your subscription.


          Hope this helped.

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            veer sr New Member

            Hi Jharana,


            Thank you for the response.

            Would you please elaborate it; how to use Notification URL on CAI?


            also you mentioned the Discard, is that for any changes in the Pub/Subscription?