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    Best practice for Axon: Logical vs physical metadata for Dataset & Marketplace

    George Pantazis New Member

      As we are standing up Axon and EDC in J&J, we are facing the question on whether we should use logical/business or physical/technical descriptions when defining a Data set, for the “Attributes” --> “Name” field. We are looking to use Marketplace and we want to ensure that the audience will understand what they see. On the Dataset level, it helps that the linked EDC physical field is shown, if we are to go the logical route, so we see both. In the Marketplace however, it will only show the name of the attribute. In general, what is the preferred way/best practice to follow?

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          user112628 New Member

          Hi George,


          Please see two approaches below that one of our specialists provided.


          Below you can see a screen shot of a data collection in the Marketplace.  In it we used both techniques to illustrate the naming options for Attributes and how a business data consumer would see them.




          1. Notice that Name and Address use the actual field names from the source database.  In this case, we use the definition and related Glossary Name to further refine the business understanding of the concept.  This is optimal as it reduces the amount of manual effort involved in on-boarding assets because you can create them automatically on import from EDC.  It is also easier for IT and Business to communicate because the Attribute name is consistent with the Physical Field name in EDC.


          1. The alternative is illustrated with City and Last Name.  With these, we named the Attribute with a business friendly name and then referenced the Physical Field column name from the database in the Definition.  We typically recommend against this as it requires a lot of manual effort to either create the Attributes ahead of time then link to the Physical or to import/create the asset then modify it.  It can also be confusing when you click on the Physical Field link and go to EDC because you won’t see the same labels on the fields.