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    Delete records from repository table OPB_PROGRAM_INFO

    Gert Damstra New Member



      We are working with Powercenter 10.1 combined with the Power Exchange connector for SAP. When a mapping is created, the ABAP for extracting data form SAP is created on the SAP server, in the Informatica repository table OPB_PROGRAM_INFO an entry is stored with the relation between the ABAP and the mapping.


      This table contains a lot of records of old / obsolete combinations. Normally this table can be cleaned using the Powercenter functionality. But ... this can only be done when connection to the server can be made, the server which are mentioned are not available anymore. So cleaning orphans and old entries can not be done in the way it has to be done.


      I now want to clean the table manually by deleting the records one by one with delete statements on the database.


      Is there another way to do this? Or is the only way to do this by executing a delete statement on the database?

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          First I would move this question to the PowerExchange Adaptors forum, the PowerExchange forum is for the product lines PowerExchange for Mainframes and PowerExchange CDC; the PWX Adaptors forum is for everything else including PWX fpr SAP.


          Second I would open a service request at Informatica Global Customer Support (GCS). They are probably the safest place to get the information you need.




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            JanLeendert Wijkhuijs Guru

            Hi Gert,

            There is another option which is more work and you need to be very careful with what you are doing.

            You can create a temporary repository to which you copy all the logic using deployfolders (make sure you have a controlfile with all the right parameters)
            After you created this "backup" you can remove all the repository content (or maybe delete and create the repository again (repository db as well))

            To this empty repository you can use the deployfolders cmd again to copy the logic from the temp repository to the original one.


            If you need to do this on a production repository please try it on a dev environment first.




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              Rakshitha K. R. Guru




              You can take a backup of OPB_PROGRAM_INFO and perform delete operations.


              However it is recommended to get Informatica global customer support approvals for the delete query being run on these Repository tables.





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                Nico Heinze Guru

                Sorry for being pernickety, but this last statement needs some addition.


                Although this MAY work fine, this suggestion is a really, really, REALLY bad one for the following reason:

                The repository tables are a "black box" to customers. No one may ever interfere with the tables directly, UNLESS explicitly told so by Informatica Global Customer Support (GCS).

                The reason is that there are many, many, MANY ways to corrupt repository contents by changing any data in the repository database directly (i.e. by using some DB tool instead of going via pmrep or the GUI tools). And even worse, tempering with the repository DB will (as soon as they find out) inevitably lead to GCS telling you, you have lost your right on our support because you changed repository contents BUT you still have to pay the support fee. That's no joke: you do lose support, but you still have to pay for it.


                Never, never, NEVER use any database tool to change repository contents, or you will get into trouble sooner or later.