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    Detect duplication -Customer Identity - IDQ

    Ismahane SILHADI Active Member

      Dear all,


      please i need to find all the duplicate customer including those conditions :


      Principe 1:


      1- FName --> Fuzzy

      2- LName--> Fuzzy

      3-Date of birth --> Exact


      In this part I made a mapping with the following elements:


      Source --> KeyGenerator--> Matcht --> OutPt


      The whole process works very well, and the results are very good.


      Principe 2:

      Now I have to reverse between the last name and first name such that the last name becomes the first name and the first name becomes the last name

      And, I want to integrate this principle on the same mapping to detect duplicates in with Fname and Lname and (last name and reverse first name):

      1. Last name which is the first name actually --> Fuzzy
      2. First name which is the last name  actually --> fuzzy
      3. Original name  -->  Fuzzy
      4. Original first name --> Fuzzy
      5. Date of Birth --> Exact

      Detect if the same customer who have multiple row on database with Fname and LName inversed



      Thank you so much