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    XML generator Transformation invalid

    Heena Rajvanshi Active Member

      Hello All,



      I create one xsd file in which we have so many one-many relationship. I create xml generator and it successfully created as per the requirements. COnnected some input ports whcih are required needs to be tested and also connected output port to flatfile.While validating it shows invalid mapping due to invalid transformation.


      06/08/2021 09:30:15 ** Saving... Repository MDM_DEV, Folder Harsh_Project


      Validating transformations of mapping M_DIGITAL_ECOMM...

      Verified byte code for the Java transformation. The transformation is valid.

      Output port "DataOutput" is not projected....there are invalid transformations.

      Validating data flow of mapping M_DIGITAL_ECOMM...


      can anyone please help me what is the mean of this error.?