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    Need To Generate JSON message

    Heena Rajvanshi Active Member

           Hello All,


      I need to generate a JSON message for one to many relationship like we do for in our xml message or xml generator .


      For example: if a company ABC is dealing so many other companies i.e. they all act as a parties for company ABC.so i want to generate a JSON message which contain company ABC as a root and all other parties details should be contain in party area.



              "companyId": "'||ROWID_OBJECT||'",----companyABC

              "companyName": "'||STD_FULL_NAME||'",--------company ABC



                      "businessPartners": [


                             "mdmId": "'||ROWID_PARTY||'",---------all other parties details


                             "name": "'||PARTY_STD_FULL_NAME||'",---------all other parties details







      can any one help how i can handle this one-many relationship scenario?