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    Data Synchronization - Accounting for auto increment PK

    Faiz Ali New Member

      I have a synchronization task that was created in 2014 that requires updates. There are new columns in the source table that require being added to the task. When I click Refresh fields under field mapping, it introduces a primary key column to the target table, that for some reason wasn't in the mapping previously, and requires a mapping to it. However, this column auto increments on insert into the table. How do I account for this? Is it possible to remove this column from the field mapping? It looks like previously the column wasn't even includes in the mapping, but I need to refresh because the source table has new columns that wasn't in the original.


      It looks like under schedule, it explicitly uses the "Update Columns" option under advanced options to use the correct table I want to update on. However, when I refresh the columns, this update columns value goes away completely.