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    Error with reading from Dynamic Oracle Source

    John Naiderman Active Member

      Hi All,


      I'm running a simple mappings that reads from dynamic JDBC source (which points to ORACLE JDBC connection) table and writes the data to a flat file.

      When I'm running the mapping in native execution is is working fine.

      When I change the execution environment to Spark I'm getting the following error:

                INFO: Error executing statement: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist


      from reviewing the log I see the following messages:

           INFO: Using column names query: SELECT t.* FROM "Table" t WHERE 1=0

           INFO: Execute getColumnInfoRawQuery : SELECT t.* FROM "Table" t WHERE 1=0

      I think that the problem is that the column names query that is sent to the DB is missing the schema name prefix. I'm reading a table in a different schema than the default schema that the user that connects to the DB is using so schema name is necessary. I expected something like SELECT t.* FROM "SCHEMA.Table" t WHERE 1=0


      Do you have any suggestion on how to resolve this?




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