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    Compound Term Definitions

    Margaret Marchesin New Member

      Hello - we are Axon users and we're building up our Business Glossary.  We want to eventually link the glossary terms to report labels so that users can see the definitions.  My question is, what are your thoughts on handling what we call 'compound terms'?   For example, let's say a report has a field labelled: "Commercial Auto Bodily Injury Disposal Rate".   As you can imagine, there can be any number of compound terms such as this.  Would you define these on a "1-for-1" basis (meaning, enter that exact term in the glossary), or would you provide separate definitions for each of the components, and somehow link them together?  The downside of the first approach is that the glossary will contain many more terms, but the downside of the second approach is that all compound definitions may not necessarily be the sum of their parts.  Just wondering if anyone has addressed this scenario before.  Thanks!