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    Data Integration Elastic

    Mohit Kumar Seasoned Veteran

      We want to go for data integration elastic and I have few questions. Could anyone with experience in elastic integration answer this.


      1. Normal mappings cant be run in elastic cluster. Only elastic mappings can be executed ?
      2. Existing normal mappings can't be migrated to elastic mappings. They should be written from scratch ?
      3. Secure agent can only be installed on Linux for elastic integration i.e. not on windows server ?
      4. I see that elastic integration supports limited sources, targets and mappings. Is there any official document mentioning all of them ?
      5. What are the advantages of elastic integration over normal that you have seen in your project ?
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          user126898 Guru

          1)  that is correct.  There are two mapping Types and elastic maps are the ones that run on the cluster


          2) correct. Currently there is no conversion from a normal mapping to an elastic map.  Road map items


          3) yes linux only And the secure agent must be installed on a ec2/van in aws or azure.  Gcp supported later this year


          4) connectivity Pam for all supported data sources and targets: PAM for Informatica Connectivity v34.3


          5) varies based on the use case but here are the most common.  Large data loads, items CDI does not support, hierarchal data processing, complex file types ( Json, parquet, Avro), want to include python.  you want a true serverless solution with auto scale capability. 

          happy to talk more about this if you are interested. 



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            Mohit Kumar Seasoned Veteran

            Thank you for the reply. I am going to set up elastic integration for dev, if I have some questions, I will take your help