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    Problem with Repository Migration to PIM 10.1

    Daniel Molinski Guru

      Migrating from to and I followed the steps for Repository Migration without issue, but the resulting repository doesn't seem to be able to open in the Repository Manager... We get this popup and the custom area appears mostly blank.


      I've opened the 10.1 out-of-box repository without issue so it's definitely something to do with the migration process.


      Any ideas what the issue is? or how to fix it?





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          Ralph81 Guru

          Hi Dan,


          I remember some problems after Migration so please try the following.


          After you have Migrated the Repo to 10.1,

          open the Original 10.1 once and after that your merged one.

          I would expect the Errors are no longer shown


          Best Regards



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            Andreas Bühler Guru

            Hi Daniel,
            The errors you see might happen because of an issue with the error handling in the repository editor,
            can you please check the log file? The actual real error should be in there.

            (Error handling is fixed with HF1)


            The cause of the original problem was that the customer/partner didn't use the correct original repository when they did the delta creation of the repository. It's absolutely crucial that the the delta is created with the customized repository and the original repository of the exact same version (down to the ebf or even patch if that would apply!).

            If there is the slightest discrepancy the delta will contain things which you didn't modify and re-introduce them into the 10.1 version with the merge.

            The delta creation is comparing both repositories and is just recording ALL differences. In the case of the other customer we changed the Identifier of a logical key in the VariantCharacteristicValue sub-entity. The logical key had "ArticleCharacteristicValue.LK.EntityId" as identifier, but it should be VariantCharacteristicValue.LK.EntityId (obviously).

            THe problem is now if you used, like, the current repository of the same release (but not the same ebf or so), OUR fix of this identifier would be recorded as a customizing delta and then when you merge that to the 10.1 - you would actually reintroduce this error back again.


            All the errors in the UI of the editor are just follow up issues because of something like this.

            (For our support guys, it's issue HPM-54780)

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              Ralph81 Guru

              Thanks Andreas,


              I know the issue and I was asking that way to validate the behavior.


              But what you have mentioned here is absolutely correct, I think he used the Wrong version to merge.


              Best Regards



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                Daniel Molinski Guru

                Thanks for chiming in guys!  I'm 100% certain that we used the correct original repository when creating the delta file.  I specifically downloaded EBF 14 again to be sure I was using an un-modified repository file as the original.


                Ralph, I have already tried opening the Original 10.1 repository (which opens fine), and then our merged one right after, but we get the same messages.  Also, despite the message saying to check the error log for full details, the log files are completely empty!  Very frustrating!

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                  Ralph81 Guru

                  Hi Dan,


                  all steps are done with the latest Repo Editor from 10.1


                  If you try to open. did you close the Editor, open the Original and then the Merged?


                  But I think as Andreas mentioned, it must be something with the repo and Version itself.



                  Best Regards



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                    Daniel Molinski Guru

                    I managed to fix the problem.  It was actually pretty simple - There were a few unidentified configuration issues in our customized 8.1.1 repository.  Some logical keys on a couple custom subentities didn't have identifiers, but apparently this didn't cause any problems with the v8.1.1 repoEditor or even P360 for that matter.  However,  those issues were migrated to the 10.1 repository, and my guess is that there must have been some updates/changes to the v10.1 repoEditor that checks for that kind of configuration issue and resulted in the messages above.


                    It's unfortunate there wasn't any more detail in the messages and nothing written to the repoEditor logs to make this easier to diagnose and correct.  I had to re-install the old 8.1.1 repoEditor and run the validator in order to identify and correct the configuration issue, then re-migrate.

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                      Ralph81 Guru

                      Hi Dan,


                      there was a bigger change because of the AuditTrail change with 10.1.

                      I think in the Migration Manual there is a hint about the shortIdentifier which is needed in 10.1 because of this change.

                      Also a valide repo is always good to have also on migration :-)


                      But as you mentioned, some more details on the Error could help but its good that you managed it :-)


                      Best Regards



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                        Dave Nacy Guru



                        I like to personally thank you for blazing the trail on this one. I saw the same errors when I went to migrate from 8.1 to 10.1. Your hint regarding logical keys was especially helpful as I discovered several repository inconsistencies that I was able to address. I now get a clean delta and merge. That said, the thing about having to "cycle" the repoEditor to pick up the correct properties label file is pretty annoying.


                        Thanks again!