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    WorkFlow replacement

    Shailesh Jain Active Member



      I have a workflow in my 10.2(HF1) Power center repository (say WF_TEST) that I need remove completely and replace with an work flow of same name from another environment.

      I deleted the workflow WF_TEST and tried to import  the XML export from another environment.

      But the import altho' looks good does not do it and I do not see the workflow in my project folder under workflow manager


      Any suggestion




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          user126898 Guru

          Can you see the workflow in the repository manager?


          Have you looked at the import logs to verify no errors?

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            Arya Nymeria Active Member

            You need to delete the workflow from repository else, you will not be able to use the same name in the same folder. Here is what you need to do. Right click on the folder and select find checkouts.

            Next you will see a pop up window depending on the number of objects you have in the folder. it will be quick if the objects are less. Look for your deleted workflow and checkin. put in the comment delete or whatever you want. That way the workflow will be deleted completely and you can create a new one in the same folder with the same name.

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              JanLeendert Wijkhuijs Seasoned Veteran

              Hi Shailesh,

              How did you create the xml export from the other environment, using workflow manager or the repository manager?
              And what about the tasks etc.

              You mentioned the PowerCenter version but are you using a repository with or without versioning?
              The post by Arya is only applicable to versioned repositories.



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                Shailesh Jain Active Member

                Thanks all for your replies.

                @JanLeendert - XML file I created by doing an Export from Repository manager.

                I am using versioned Power Center.

                Please let me know if you have any further suggestions.

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                  Nico Heinze Guru

                  Did you purge the deleted version of WF_TEST as suggested by Arya? Otherwise the workflow name will remain in the repository, meaning you cannot create another one of the same name.




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                    Shailesh Jain Active Member

                    Hi Nico - Yes, I did PURGE before.

                    @Arya - I deleted the WorkFlow from Repository manager, that's it.

                    Thereafter I am importing the XML from my PROD environment to this environment and it doesn't work.


                    Gives me the following error


                    "Another user has created a task with the name "wf_Test".  Unable to save this task. Please rename this task and save again."

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                      Nico Heinze Guru

                      OK, once more:


                      First you DELETE the workflow in the Workflow Manager.


                      Second you go to the Repository Manager, right-click the affected folder, click on Advanced Purge, and purge the deleted workflow from the repository.


                      Last you can import the XML file.




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                        Shailesh Jain Active Member

                        No - Did not work Nico.

                        Did what you suggested. In the end still says


                        "Another user has created a task with the name "wf_TEST".  Unable to save this task.  Please rename this task and save again.

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                          Asmita Kesarwani Guru

                          Hi Shailesh,


                          Additionally please check if this object has any dependency on any other objects in the Repository?

                          Is the issue happens even if you try the same using command line?




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                            Anukrati Tiwari Guru

                            Hi Shailesh,


                            If you are still not seeing the Workflow then please open a case with GCS so that the RS metadata can be reviewed.




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                              Rajan Rath Guru

                              You can query for the deleted objects from the Repository Manager and then try purging it.

                              Was the workflow created with the same name and is the same user trying to purge the object?

                              If not, you can try purging the object as an Administrator user.


                              Also if there are any dependencies for the deleted workflow, you might not be able to purge the object and will need to purge the dependent objects.




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                                Nico Heinze Guru

                                Hi Shailesh,


                                what exactly did not work? Please post an error message, screenshot, explanation, or whatever is necessary to understand exactly what's going wrong.




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                                  Shailesh Jain Active Member



                                  I was able to resolve my issue. Thanks all for your help.


                                  The problem was I did not have admin privileges and neither was I the initial Developer.

                                  Hence even after I deleted the WF from the repository it was still lingering and could be seen by the admin from under Repository manager and purge.

                                  There after it allowed me to do the import again of the XML export .