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    A mapping needed to fill data in new column added (for all the historical data in the table)

    Mounika Reddy New Member



      I have a existing SCD type 2 mapping in place. I have recently added a new column "source_system" to the target table in this mapping. This new column "source_system" will get a value when the mapping runs incrementally.


      But for the already existing history data, I need to fill the value for the new column "source_system".

      The new column "source_system" is calculated using another column "claim" from the same table. If the column "claim" is null, the new column "source_system" gets value 0 else 1. I need to create a one time mapping which will update the new column "source_system" value for all the history data.


      As I am new to informatica, not sure with the mapping flow. Could you please guide me through the mapping for this scenario.

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