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    Error log file in IICS Data integration.

    Chetan Sarawade Active Member

      Hi All,

      I create one mapping task in IICS Data integration to capture Invalid data into the error log file. In advance Error Log Type="Flat File", Data column Delimeter= | , Data column Delimeter= |, Error File name="Error_rec.csv", enabled Log Row Data and Log Source Row as Yes.

      In my error log, I am getting all error log values of  Transformation,Transformation Mapplet Name,Transformation Group,Partition Index,Transformation Row ID,Error Sequence,Error Timestamp,Error UTC Time,Error Code,Error Message,Error Type,Transformation Data,Source Mapplet Name,Source Name,Source Row ID,Source Row Type,Source Data.

      There is no header for the error log also.

      I just want to capture row data which was rejected by the target. I am unable to do that. I go through documents but I didn't find any way to achieve this.

      Is there any mechanism to capture just only row data into the error log as CSV file?


      Here is a sample error log file?

      IUpdateStrategyNode4,N/A,Output,1,1,1,09/08/2020 13:37:03,1599572223,21449,[IUpdateStrategyNode4]: REJECT: Discarding output row for transformation.


      Expression,N/A,Output,1,7,1,09/08/2020 13:37:03,1599572223,11021,An error occurred moving data from the transformation Expression: to the transformation IUpdateStrategyNode4.,3,""1008""|""3005""|""2020-08-20 22:45:00""|""2020-08-20 22:45:00""|""""|""""|""30005"""""""""""""",N/A,N/A,-1,-1,N/A


      Note data that I want to capture is in red.