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    Creating mapping for calling the oracle Stored Procedure Dynamically

    Aravindh Narasimhabahu New Member



      I am trying to create a Informatica mapping where in the Source Qualifier "PRE" or "POST" SQL, I want to call a Oracle Stored procedure with parameters Dynamically. Below is the more detailed Requirement.


      For Example, I have 5 different Oracle Stored Procedures with the same number of input and output parameters as below.


      StoredProc1(P1, p2)

      StoredProc2(P1, p2)

      StoredProc3(P1, p2)

      StoredProc4(P1, p2)

      StoredProc5(P1, p2)


      I am trying to call each one in 5 different Workflows and to achieve this, I don't want to create 5 different mappings or 5 different sessions and call them in the Workflow.


      I am trying to create One mapping with one Session with passing the Oracle Stored Procedure and its parameters from a Parameter file. Based on the Workflow name, the Parameter will have the name of the Stored Proc and its parameters.


      Is this Possible? Please help.



      Aravind N