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    Matching Scenario Between Two Source System,

    Md Ahmed Aziz Guru

      Hi Team,


      I need some guidance on match process below is my scenario,


      Case : Suppose we are having 2 source system ('ABC' , 'XYZ') and first we have only ABC source data coming in the base object with multiple duplicate and we do match and merge on different column like Full_name, Account_number, Fax, Phone, etc. and we got a golden record for first source ,


      Now the second source XYZ data is coming to base object with similar multiple duplicate as ABC, but here we are just creating one exact rule on Account number to be match with 1st source ABC.


      My concern is as previously we have done match and merge on 1st source ABC few record are in Xref table which wont be coming to match with 2nd source XYZ as we are doing match on only account number column.


      Can anyone please suggest me what should I do? So that ABC Source record which are in Xref table should also come to match with XYZ source record.



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          kunal pandit Guru

          Matching is always done on the Base Object records and not the XREF data.

          If you are doing this for IDL ..you can generate the matches with source ABC first but not merge the data. This way you will have ABC records still available to match with XYZ.

          Not sure if the above helps, but you may want to provide more details around your use case.

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            Md Ahmed Aziz Guru

            Hi Kunal,


            Thank you for your quick response,


            I have some screen shot may be it will help to understand,


            1st screen shot have only 1 source system details were match and merge is done, we see only golden record at base object and xref have two record..



            2nd screen shot we have 2nd source data coming as portal in base object. and xref has pervious and new entry.



            After the 2nd source data is loaded we are using only one rule i.e exact match on Account number column, but if you see the new portal record account number is matching with xref  record as it was merged among 1st source before.



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              Sathiesh M Guru

              You can create Match paths on the XREF table and match columns from these paths. This will help to achieve your case.

              But consider below items and design accordingly

              -- If you're using Subject areas, then you cant use these XREF based match paths to create Primary or child subject areas. You need to have another set of BO based match paths for using in IDD

              -- XREFs will have more data volume than BO and indexes on join columns may not be there, so match jobs may take much longer. Check the oracle AWR report during job run and make necessary DB tuning

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                Md Ahmed Aziz Guru

                Hi Sathiesh,


                Thank you for your time,


                I will try this scenario, and we are using 10.3 HF2 so we are having provisioning tool for any C360 related development.