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    How Can we Utilize EFS for Temp/Cache/reject file to Avoid Performance issue

    Sainath Balla New Member

      Hi Team,


      We have 2 EBS Directories. each of  EBS contains 1TB capacity.

      In one EBF we have installed Informatica. Second one is using for storing Cache and Temp.

      We have 1 EFS with high volume.


      Can we use EFS for store 1.temp 2. Cache 3.reject files due these files are occupying more space while running jobs.

      Due to these files our EBS file systems crossing 100% utilization frequently so we cant run any jobs.


      How can we Utilize this EBF in use while running jobs without any performance issue.


      Can you please guide me do we have any resource to resolve this?



      Sainath B