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    R36 Missing from Drivers

    Sean Steighner New Member

      I had a informatica job running based on outbound alert that would update a SQL table using a SQL Server connection in our on premise server. I tried to follow documentation but their is not driver for the one specified in the file. It was there yesterday and gone today, not sure where to go from here.



      WRT_8001 Error connecting to database... WRT_8001 [Session s_dss_ Username xxxx DB Error -1 [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified Database driver error... Function Name : Connect Database driver error... Function Name : Connect Database Error:

      Failed to connect to database using user [xxxx] and connection string [Driver=DataDirect CLOSED 8.0 SQL Server Wire Protocol for Informatica - R36;DB=OLP;HOST=xxxxxxx.xxxx.xxx;PORT=xxx;UID=xxxx;WorkArounds2=2;EQI=1;APP=Informatica;TimestampTruncationBehavior=1].


      The bold lines has no entry in the registry (I only have up to 35 now). When i test the connection in the administrator module, it connects, but does not work in the job.

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