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    Operation failed: null; Operation failed: null

    Diane Royer Guru

      I have a mapping in IICS that ran perfectly during my tests.  However, after I scheduled it, I am suddenly getting this error message:  The following error occurred before the task was run on the runtime environment: [Operation failed: null.;Operation failed: null.].  I don't know why.  I tested my connection for the source and it tested successfully.  I even clicked Preview Data for my source and it pulled up sample data from the file.  I have several connected lookups in my mapping to check for existing records.  All lookups are looking at the Contact Object in Salesforce.  I tried changing my connector for my source to a different flat file connection, and I still get the same error message.  The connection is not a REST API (at least not that I am aware of).  How can I get this to run again?