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    Secure Agent Group -or- VIP -or- Both?

    Jeff Giles New Member

      We have been using the Informatica Cloud (IICS) for a good year now and have realized we need to have more structure and a more resilient change supportive environment.  Live and learn right?!


      We have experienced many times in the past year a need to reboot the server for either standard server patches, agent configuration updates, or agent component add-ins.  The reboots are very difficult to coordinate because of the wide footprint our middleware has on the application map; there is always an app doing something that cant be interrupted.


      To solve the problem we are thinking lets have more than one server to spread the load, add more capacity with more agents, and allow us to inject change without complete downtime.


      We are in a discussion where half the team wants to solve the problem with Secure Agent Grouping on a single server.  The other half wants a VIP of 3 servers to allow more flexibility during change that requires interrupting the secure agent or rebooting the server.


      Has anyone already experimented with this problem and found the best solution?  Are there any lessons you have learned that we can benefit from at this early point in our planning?