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    Make FR/CR references in Infa Network and eSupport live hyperlinks

    Shannon Walton Seasoned Veteran

      On a regular basis, we receive responses from Informatica support technicians (whether through the customer support portal or through the discussion feature here on the Informatica Network) in which a reference is made to an open Change Request / Feature Request, often in the format like ABC-12345 (e.g. EIC-13116).


      We then have to go run a separate search to try to find this item's tracking page which has a URL that does not indicate its actual name, (e.g. ).


      It would be very helpful if these references (wherever posted by Infa team members in places exposed to Infa tool users and customers) included an embedded hyperlink to the actual record for the CR / FR so we could easily follow and vote on this item.


      Additionally, it would be nice if the URL to the CR / FR had the identifier for the record so that we could easily reverse-engineer the URL without needed to run a new search to find the record, something like .