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    Data Archive interactive validation of data

    Gaetano Borda New Member

      Hi everybody,


      Does the tool allow for interactive validation (user choice) of the data identified by the business rules before they are archived? Is it possible to choose the data to be archived (subset of what is extracted from the rule)?

      For instance, if my archive job selects 100 records, can I pause job (after generate candidates step or other step), check the records and remove some of them and then re-run the job?


      Thanks for help

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          Karthik Raja V New Member

          Hi Gaetano,


          Thanks for writing to us.


          The business rules or the condition on which the data will be pulled from the source can be modified according to the user requirement.


          Regarding pause after GENERATE CANDIDATES, yes, you can select the PAUSE AFTER option which is available as a part of the job itself(Before scheduling the job). In the same way, you can pause after any step you want.


          Please get back to us if you have any further queries.



          Karthik Raja V