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    best approach for Dev, Test & Production Environments for Lakehouse Management ,EDC, DQ, AXON & MDM,

    Hafeez Qazi New Member

      Hello ,


      we need advise for implementing Dec, Test and Production Environments separation  for

      • Lakehouse Management
        • Mass Ingestion
        • Cloud Data Integration
      • EDC
      • AXON
      • MDM multidomain
      • DQ
      • Integration hub 
      • CDC


      is it best practice to have three separate environments or can be less, which of these Services can be PAAS and which one best to use on Prem or in IAAS ( Azure) .


      any of these service can share resources such as Virtual Machines or Servers ?


      does each service will have more than 1 Servers?


      any advice guideline will be very helpful 


      Kind Regards