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    ERROR: "You cannot use the Mapping Configuration task for a subscription workflow because the source, that is, the Cloud Integration Hub connector, is not parameterized in the mapping."

    Bogdana Klyuchnikova New Member

      Hello to everyone.


      I use Cloud Data Integration Hub for creating publications and subscriptions.

      Everything is ok with using Synchronization Task for these purposes.

      But when i try use Mapping Task i have error on the screenshot:



      I tried change mapping source settings but it didn't help:



      I found information about this error here  - Support


      But I cannot understand what license is mentioned in the article from the link above.


      I have no problems creating objects in the integration hub using the syncronization task in the trial version.


      Аnd is this a solution to the error in all cases or not?


      Thanks for your attention and help!