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    Address Validation Error

    Vijayaraj Shanmugam New Member

      Hi Team,


      We are having a relationship very long with StrikeIron/Infromatica and using NorthAmerica address verification for at least 8 to 10 year now. Recently noticed couple issues and thought of bringing to you understand more and get the issues resolved as the eraliest.


      1. City changes - We pass the City as "West Reading" and it converts to "Reading"  but West reading is still exists

      2. Same as above City "Wyomissing" is converted to Reading and we have similar issue continuing.

      3. AddressLine1 "118 FOX PLAN ROAD" and it converted to "118 Fox Rd" - But 118 Fox Plan Rd still exists.


      We would like to discuss on the same, please arrange a callback or a meeting to discuss on this issue ASAP.



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          Namratha Dhoolipalla Guru

          Hi Vijayaraj Shanmugam,


          Please raise a case with us on Informatica Support Portal: http://network.informatica.com

          and we will assist you with this issue.


          In the meantime, please verify if the Mode of Validation or the Reference Files have been changed recently which is resulting in a change in the outputs.




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            Vijayaraj Shanmugam New Member

            Hi Namratha,


            Nothing changed and the same issue is seen in the portal test API section. Also, it is very complicated to communicate to Support - http://network.informatica.com

            After going to the site where is the support section to reach out or raise the request. It is not user friendly to write mail quick.




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              Namratha Dhoolipalla Guru

              Hi Vijayaraj Shanmugam,


              Please take a look at the following Video KB which will assist you in raising a Support Case with Informatica: How to create a case with Informatica Support




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                jyoti singh Seasoned Veteran

                Hi Vijayraj,


                I have done sample testing for the "Wyomissing" and "West Reading" city and could not see it getting change to "Reading".

                Attaching the screenshot of in-house test for reference:




                Inhouse the result are coming as "WEST READING" and "WYOMISSING" for city. Could you please share request and response XML with us where you have city values are getting changed to "READING".




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                  Vijayaraj Shanmugam New Member

                  Hi Jyoti,


                  We tried with below example 1. City 2. Address Issue


                  Example1: City Change

                  Input Address1: 985 BERKSHIRE BOULEVARD

                  Address2:SUITE 101

                  City: WYOMISSING

                  State: PA Zip: 19610


                  and we have received service result as

                  {USAddress:"{State:PA,Urbanization:"""",ZIPPlus4:19610-1268,ZIPCode:19610,ZIPAddOn:1268,CarrierRoute:R014,PMB:"""",PMBDesignator:"""",DeliveryPoint:26,DPCheckDigit:8,LACS:"""",CMRA:N,DPV:Y,DPVFootnote:AA BB,RDI:"""",RecordType:H,CongressDistrict:06,County:Berks,CountyNumber:011,StateNumber:42,GeoCode:{CensusTract:011101,StateNumber:42,CountyNumber:011,BlockNumber:1014,BlockGroup:420110111011,Latitude:40.348905,Longitude:-75.972974},AddressLine1:985 Berkshire Blvd Ste 101,AddressLine2:"""",StreetNumber:985,Firm:"""",PreDirection:"""",StreetName:Berkshire,StreetType:Blvd,PostDirection:"""",Extension:Ste,ExtensionNumber:101,Village:"""",City:Reading,AddressStatus:Valid}"}


                  Example2: City Change

                  Input Address1: 301 S 7TH AVE

                  Address2:SUITE 2020

                  City: WEST READING

                  State: PA Zip: 19611


                  and we have received service result as,


                  {USAddress:"{State:PA,Urbanization:"""",ZIPPlus4:19611-1495,ZIPCode:19611,ZIPAddOn:1495,CarrierRoute:C082,PMB:"""",PMBDesignator:"""",DeliveryPoint:20,DPCheckDigit:1,LACS:"""",CMRA:N,DPV:Y,DPVFootnote:AA BB,RDI:"""",RecordType:H,CongressDistrict:06,County:Berks,CountyNumber:011,StateNumber:42,GeoCode:{CensusTract:011200,StateNumber:42,CountyNumber:011,BlockNumber:3020,BlockGroup:420110112003,Latitude:40.330638,Longitude:-75.951865},AddressLine1:301 S 7th Ave Ste 2020,AddressLine2:"""",StreetNumber:301,Firm:"""",PreDirection:S,StreetName:7th,StreetType:Ave,PostDirection:"""",Extension:Ste,ExtensionNumber:2020,Village:"""",City:Reading,AddressStatus:Valid}"}


                  Address Change Issue:

                  Input Address1: 118 FOX PLAN ROAD


                  City: MONROEVILLE

                  State: PA Zip: 15146


                  and result as, Addresss1: 118 FOX PLAN ROAD (the plan is removed)


                  {USAddress:"{State:PA,Urbanization:"""",ZIPPlus4:15146-2762,ZIPCode:15146,ZIPAddOn:2762,CarrierRoute:C035,PMB:"""",PMBDesignator:"""",DeliveryPoint:99,DPCheckDigit:8,LACS:"""",CMRA:N,DPV:D,DPVFootnote:AA N1,RDI:"""",RecordType:H,CongressDistrict:18,County:Allegheny,CountyNumber:003,StateNumber:42,GeoCode:{CensusTract:"""",StateNumber:42,CountyNumber:003,BlockNumber:"""",BlockGroup:42003,Latitude:40.434942,Longitude:-79.760546},AddressLine1:118 Fox Rd,AddressLine2:"""",StreetNumber:118,Firm:"""",PreDirection:"""",StreetName:Fox,StreetType:Rd,PostDirection:"""",Extension:"""",ExtensionNumber:"""",Village:"""",City:Monroeville,AddressStatus:Valid}"}


                  Address Change Issue:

                  Input Address1: 2 CHATEAU LANE


                  City: BARBOURSVILLE

                  State: PA Zip: 25504


                  and result as, Addresss1: 2 CHATEAU LANE (the Grove is added),


                  {USAddress:"{State:WV,Urbanization:"""",ZIPPlus4:25504-1626,ZIPCode:25504,ZIPAddOn:1626,CarrierRoute:C004,PMB:"""",PMBDesignator:"""",DeliveryPoint:02,DPCheckDigit:7,LACS:"""",CMRA:N,DPV:Y,DPVFootnote:AA BB,RDI:"""",RecordType:S,CongressDistrict:03,County:Cabell,CountyNumber:011,StateNumber:54,GeoCode:{CensusTract:"""",StateNumber:54,CountyNumber:011,BlockNumber:"""",BlockGroup:54011,Latitude:38.417774,Longitude:-82.256328},AddressLine1:2 Chateau Grove Ln,AddressLine2:"""",StreetNumber:2,Firm:"""",PreDirection:"""",StreetName:Chateau Grove,StreetType:Ln,PostDirection:"""",Extension:"""",ExtensionNumber:"""",Village:"""",City:Barboursville,AddressStatus:Valid}"}


                  Can we connect over a meeting and understand further, I have tried to create ticket in support unable to see the support section after login




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                    Namratha Dhoolipalla Guru

                    Hi Vijayaraj Shanmugam,


                    If you are unable to see the support section to raise a technical case with us, this could be due to the following: Only valid read/write contacts on a project can open and manage cases online. Once you login, the Access ESupport option in the Quick links will navigate you to the case management portal. This option is visible only for valid support contacts.

                    You could also reach out to your primary contact on the project to provide you the necessary privileges to open a case. Additionally you can get more details at our Getting started page Get Started  .