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    How to move informatica codes from 9.0.1 HF2 to 10.4

    Arun Kumar Murugasamy New Member

      Hi ,


      We have Informatica 9.0.1 HF2 and Informatica 10.4 running on different machines for daily batch. We need to move only certain number of  ETL codes(specific for an application) from 9.0.1 HF2 to 10.4 version.


      What would be the steps involved to perform this activity.

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          Paolo Moretti Guru

          You can directly upgrade to 10.4.0 from Informatica 10.0, 10.1.x, 10.2.x.


          More information is available in the Informatica Upgrade Planner:


          => Upgrade Planner


          I would follow this path:


          9.0.1 hf2 => 9.1.0 hf6 => 9.6.1 hf4 => 10.2.0 hf2 => latest version


          I'm saying "latest version" because, by the time you actually upgrade your environment, 10.5 might come out.


          Some old docs:

          => Informatica PowerCenter (Version 9.1.0 HotFix 2) - Upgrade Guide for Version 9.0.1

          https://kb.informatica.com/proddocs/Product%20Documentation/2/PC_951_Upgrade901_en.pdf=> Informatica (Version 9.6.1) - Upgrading from Version 9.1.0


          I couldn't find the documentation for 9.1.0 hf6, but the one above should work.


          Starting from version 10.x you can refer to Home for up-to-date docs.


          Of course, a lot has changed since v9.0.1. Some services have been deprecated (e.g. Reporting Service in v10.x), others have been included in a unified installer (e.g. TDM in v10.4.1). Depending on the products you have, the process might involve more steps than those needed for PowerCenter.


          The 3rd-party compatibility (i.e. PAM) has also changed a lot. You probably need to upgrade your OS/DBs as well.


          Make sure you have your domain, metadata repositoroes and configuration files (e.g. nodemeta.xml, odbc.ini, etc.) backup before carrying out the upgrade. Even better if you can clone your environment and do a parallel upgrade, rather then upgrading in-place.

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            Nico Heinze Guru

            Before giving any advice or recommendation or whatever, one basic question:

            Is this a "permanent" deployment process?

            Is this a one-time off deployment?

            Will this deployment take place more than once but not on a regular basis? For how long?

            And why do you still use 9.0.1 HF2? That's so old that the underlying operating systems are completely out of support for a long time now. You're in great danger of losing your work, should you - for example - ever experience some hardware failure.


            No offense intended, I just am trying to understand what is going on at your organisation; only if I understand the background, I feel safe to give any response to your question.


            What Paolo mentioned is the most important technical background. The processes within your organisation which you have to follow are a completely different story, hence my "general" question.




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              Arun Kumar Murugasamy New Member

              Thanks for your time and response Paola & Nico !!!


              Client is on Informatica 9.0.1HF2 and they are planning to migrate to 10.4(available with them) and so our requirement is to move the codes(specific to certain applications) from 9.0.1 to 10.4 in phased manner.


              As per our understanding below is the path for upgrade,


              9.0.1 hf2 => 9.1.0 hf6 => 9.6.1 hf4 => 10.2.0 hf2 => 10.4


              Cloning the existing setup to perform the upgrade would be the better option, since 9.0.1 hf2 needs to be available for specific time till codes are completely migrated to 10.4


              Let consider informatica 9.0.1 HF2 is on Server A and informatica 10.4 is on Server B, both versions are already available. We need to clone informatica 9.0.1 HF2 on server C, perform the upgrade(as per upgrade path) and migrate the code to 10.4(latest version).


              Will informatica helps us with the 9.1.x,9.6.x and 10.2 installable to perform the upgrade, since informatica 10.4 is already in use ?


              Also please suggest for other alternative plan (if applicable).

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                Nico Heinze Guru

                Last question first (because it's the simplest one to answer): Unfortunately you hit the nail on its head, you described the exact way to go.

                Some people will tell you to simply export those workflows in 9.0.1 HF2 and try to import them into 10.4.1. From my own experience I can only advice against such practice, not only because it's not supported by Informatica but because I've seen more than one heavy issue occurring after such attempts. So please stick to the correct upgrade order at all costs.


                Whether one server C (to perform the upgrades between 9.0.1 HF2 and 10.4.1) is enough, I cannot say. You will need to consult the PAM (Product Availability Matrix) for each version you listed, only this way you can find out which operating systems and DBMS versions are supported for each version.

                In the end you need to find combinations of OS and DBMS which are supported for each "intermediate" version in the upgrade path. If you find that all those versions are compatible with one OS and one DBMS, then you are lucky and can go with one intermediate server. But I fear (without having taken a close look at the PAMs, to be honest) that you will need more than one server to stay on the supported upgrade path.


                Considering what effort it may become (I don't know your organisation) to use e.g. two servers for all these intermediate upgrades, it may even be simpler for your organisation to use one server per version; this way you won't ever have to "roll down" one server from e.g. Windows 2012 R2 to Windows 2003 when this server needs to be set up again for 9.1 HF6. Yet another point to discuss with your tech guys.


                Informatica can deliver all the PAMs and all the software versions to you, that's not the problem.


                However, there's another issue you have to take into account.

                License keys for such an upgrade are usually only available for a short period of time (my last information on this topic was two months). So you will have to talk to your Informatica sales representative, otherwise your organisation will not get license keys which will be useable during the complete upgrade period.


                Sorry that I don't have more comforting news, that's how the situation looks like.