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    Database driver error

    Gouthami Pasham New Member

      I get the below error when I run the mapping to load data from a flatfile into the database. Can anyone help? I am using Oracle 11g and informatica 10.2




      WRT_8001 [Session ff_DB Username hr DB Error -1

      Database driver error...

      Function Name : Logon

      ORA-24324: service handle not initialized



      Database driver error...

      Function Name : Connect

      Database Error: Failed to connect to database using user [hr] and connection string [orcl].]

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          Seema Yaligar Guru

          Hi Gouthmi,


          Please note Oracle 11g is not supported client with Informtaica 10.2 version. Informatica 10.2 supports 11gr2 and 12cr1.

          Please recheck on the same.


          Regrading the error message "ORA-24324: service handle not initialized" this is a generic message. There is a bug in Informatica 10.2 which will print this message instead of the actual error message.

          There is an EBF available to print the actual error message.You can contact informatica GCS for the same.


          Usually these ORA message is occurs if the environmental variables are not set, you can check the beloe points and whether it will help,


          --Make sure below environmental variables are set.


          PATH should have ORACLE_HOME/bin

          LD_LIBRARY_PATH should have ORACLE_HOME/lib

          TNS_ADMIN   should point to the directory where tnsnames,ora file present.

          --Make sure you are able to connect to the same DB outside the Informatica using sqlplus.


          Please note after setting any environmental variable, you need to restart the node to take effect.

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            Syed Aziz Guru

            Hello Gouthami,


            If the issue still persists, you could try loading from outside (using sqlplus on Unix) the data in UTF-8 format/locale (changing the Putty translation to UTF-8) and check if the data is loaded into the database table.


            Best regards,


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              Shivanga Srinivas Bandaru Active Member

              The error in connection could be due to:

              (a) Incorrect userid / password (to return error ORA-01017)

              (b) The DB user is locked  (to return error ORA-28000)

              (c) Verify if NLS_LANG environment variable is set to correct value and you are able to connect to database using sql plus command

              (d) The tnsnames.ora file is not accessible and so the Oracle service cannot be resolved (to return error ORA-12154)

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                user136699 Guru

                Could you specify the version - is it 10.2.0 or are there any hotfixes? If it is 10.2.0, there is the possibility that this is a bug.


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