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    MDM 10.4 Supported Authentication products

    inuser526279 Guru

      Hi Team,


      Please give us the the list of Authentication products that are supported by Informatica to use along with MDM 10.4. When I look at MDM 10.4 PAM, I could not find a tab called security like how it is available in Informatica platform PAM.

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          Sathiesh M Guru

          In general MDM allows below login providers.


          Adding a Login Module


          These external provider configuration are uploaded as jar into MDM login provider tool. This jar can be created by Customers with the help of ResourceKit samples.

          So its the implementer who develops and test the code, so Informatica doesn't test during its Product release cycle.

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            Subbu K Guru

            As Sathiesh has stated, Informatica MDM supports all authentication providers, either be it traditional providers like Okta or like completely home-grown authentication. How you need to implement would vary depending on the provider.


            Another major functionality to consider is whether you need single sign-on. I would assume you would need single sign-on for E360 user interface, option #2 below.


            No single sign-on (a.k.a Login Provider implementation)

            a) If you are using LDAP or Active Directory or Kerberos authentication, MDM supports it out of the box through system configuration. No additional development needed. Users have to provide user name and password for authentication everytime when they login.

            b) If you are using any other authentication provider, you need to build a custom authentication provider, irrespective of whether you use any standard provider like Okta or your own mechanism. Users have to provide user name and password for authentication. KB articles and resource kit samples are available to do this.


            Single sign-on (SSO):

            For any provider, you would need to create a custom authentiction provider. KB articles and resource kit samples are available to do this. Users do not need to sign-in, they will be automatically signed-in to access the E360 UI. The custom authentication can support SAML, PingFederate or any other security domains that you may use. However each domain would need its own client implementation within MDM through custom java code.


            Refer to KB#


            However, I would rather ask you to raise a case to try out a support utility which is in beta stage. The utility can do the SSO setup in few clicks without the need of creating java code yourself. The utility has been tested in few customer environments successfully and can be beneficial to you.