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    Informatica EDC v10.4.1.1 Lineage

    Eugene Yeo New Member

      Hi All,


      I have some questions with regards to the data lineage functionality available for Informatica EDC


      1) There are different resource types documented in the Enterprise Data Catalog Scanner and Configuration guide. I assume this are all available OOTB with https://network.informatica.com/onlinehelp/ldm/10.4.1/en/index.htm#page/enterprise-data-catalog-scanner-configuration-guide/Preface.html


      The guide lists what are the available objects that will be extracted by the scanner for the specific resource type. However it doesn't mention what are the data lineages that will be extracted.


      - Is there a complete listing of the data lineage that will be automatically extracted and shown in the UI?

      - Does this include transformations?

      - Is the ability to extract the lineage from all the documented resource types free, or do some require additional licenses.



      2) There are additional 'advanced scanners' with the ability to capture more detailed lineage:



      - Similarly with (1), is there proper documentation listing what are all the data lineage available in these advanced scanners.

      - From my understanding, each scanner will require a separate license/incur separate cost.



      3) There is a 'custom lineage' functionality within Informatica EDC which allows lineage to be built between data assets using the import of a csv file. Aside from this file import interface, are there other APIS available to create lineage for objects which are stored in the system (e.g. creating lineage by calling a REST API)?


      Thanks & Regards,