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    FileProcessor -  SFTP Get operation is too slow compared to CAI.

    Srikanth Patevar Active Member


      We are dumping some zip/pdf files into the local folder on daily basis with a schedule(madatory). We used SFTP get operation for this in DI. but this is very slow and taking 2-3 minutes to dump a 5Mb file.

      but the same operation in CAI is very fast, but somehow we couldn't use it as it works only as a filewatcher.

      so we have the below questions.

      1. Can we increase the speed to download files from SFTP  in DI

      2. Can we Archive or Move file within SFTP using DI after download.

      3.or Can we schedule a CAI process to Download SFTP files to the local system unlike file watcher to pull files immediately.