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    Informatica CLoud

    swa vall Seasoned Veteran

      we are trying to upgrade Informatica 10.0 to Cloud.Can anyone let me know about  the pre-requisites that need to set up before making this change? Are there any conditions that need to be met to migrate the existing mappings into the cloud?

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          No way. There is no upgrade path. There can't be a simple upgrade path. Informatica platform and Informatica Cloud Services are two completely different worlds which should not be compared with each other.


          Informatica platform (including IDQ, PowerCenter, and several more) is a product line which runs on servers which are under your complete control. Whether these servers are hardware servers, virtual machines, or AWS machines, doesn't matter, but still you are responsible for maintaining these machines. In particular it is your responsibility to check the Product Availability Matrix for your version in order to make sure that you work only with supported components (such as DBMS versions, OS versions, and the like).

          The client tools for the Informatica platform applications (PowerCenter clients, Developer tool) are fat clients running solely on Windows. Server installations run on AIX, Windows, Solaris, and/or Linux.


          Informatica [Intelligent] Cloud Services (ICS or IICS) is kind of a spin-off of PowerCenter. The software runs on local machines, but the repositories are hosted and maintained by Informatica. So you need a permanent internet connection on your ICS / IICS machines. Also the upgrade cycles are defined and executed by Informatica. You cannot just tell them, please don't upgrade my Secure Agent before Jan 14th (to give an example), they decide themselves when the local installation (the so-called Secure Agent) upgrades itself.

          The Secure Agent runs on Windows or Linux. The only client you need is a web browser. Support is completely different than for on-premise products like Informatica platform.


          If you really want to switch to ICS / IICS, then this is a migration, not an "upgrade".


          What is the reason for your question? If you can give us a bit more details, then we might be able to clarify together with your wbat you really need.




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            user126898 Guru

            To addon to Nico.  IICS also offers serverless.  So if you don't want to manage the secure agent at all and allow Informatica IICS to be a complete PaaS you can eliminate any self managed software.  Another option when you decide which way to go in your migration.





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              swa vall Seasoned Veteran

              Informatica 10.1 has reached its end of life and is no longer supported.we want to migrate all the existing informatica workflows to cloud as opposed to upgrading informatica to 10.4


              If I wish to migrate all workflows to the cloud, do I need to make any changes to them to be compatible?


              Also do we need to migrate the databases to the cloud or can we keep the databases on premises?


              In general what are the prerequisites to migrate mappings to  cloud.

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                user126898 Guru

                CDI taskflows and PwC workflows are different.  Most things may be able to come over but some will not.  Case in point worklets do not exist in cloud taskflows.  So you will have to do the analysis. 


                Mappings should be very close but also the same thing.  Some things in PwC are not supported in cloud or supported a different way.


                By databases, do you mean the data sources/targets or the metadata repositories.  data sources/targets can remain where they are since you can install the secure agent on prem for processing.  The metadata databases will not be reused.  Those databases are completely hosted by Informatica.


                Also, please note there is no conversion tool available to customers directly.  If you want a tool to migrate the code you will need to engage IPS or a third party SI.


                I am happy to discuss more if you want to jump on a call. 




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