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    Upgrade IDQ 10.2.0 to 10.4.0 with new DB instance

    niti rawat Seasoned Veteran



      We need to upgrade the IDQ from the 10.2 version to 10.4.0 with a new DB instance. So it is more like a fresh set-up of the DQ environment.


      Regarding the installation, I am quite familiar with that ( the installation guides). But since we need to set up the database too ( MS SQL server), I am looking for the steps and what all is to be done on the DB side to get it ready.


      What I know is that, before we install the tool, we need to create  DB and then create separate schemas for each of the application services that we plan to configure on the machine.

      Do we need to create separate Databases for each of the Service or separate schemas are fine?


      Once the installation is done, we will need to import our code into the new version, what all is to be included as part of impact analysis, also from the AD perspective?